Conduct of Athletes



We expect our student-athletes to be models of good behavior. In communicating our expectations, we want to emphasize that participating in athletics is a privilege and not a right. Responsible behavior is required for this privilege.



Suspension (in or out of school): A student cannot participate in any interscholastic sports or extracurricular activities during the suspension. This also includes any practices, meetings, and workouts.


Probation: Any student who is returned to school on probation following an expulsion hearing in which the hearing officer finds that he/she violated District or school policy shall lose the privilege of participating in interscholastic sports or extra-curricular activities for a minimum period of 30 school/work days. A student who is on probation during winter break, spring break or during the summer months when regular school is not in session cannot participate in practices, weight training, conditioning programs, summer leagues, tournaments, summer camps involving school to school competition, etc., until the 30 school/work day loss of privilege have been fulfilled. After the completion of the 30 day loss of privilege, the Head Coach, the Athletic Director, the Principal or his/her designee will meet to determine to re-instate the athlete or continue the suspension based on the student’s progress since his/her return to school.


If a student is allowed to attend the district alternative program following a disciplinary hearing, the student may use these days to satisfy the “loss of privilege” so long as the student attended there at least 30 days.


Quitting a Team: If a player or parent chooses to remove him/herself from a team in season after the team has been named, then the player will not be eligible to try-out or participate on another team until the team from which he/she has quit has completed its season.


State/Local Law: Any student-athlete that is detained by law enforcement or charged with any violation of law other than minor traffic violations may be placed on temporary suspension from athletic activities.  Additional suspension or penalty may be assessed pending an investigation.