Boys Varsity Swimming · Boys Swimming Wins Region

The RNE Swimming Boys Team took 1st in the 4A Region 3 Championship Meet on Saturday, October 5th at the Rock Hill Aquatic Center.  Since 2016 the boys team has been working their way to the 1st place at the Region Championships. They almost had it in 2017 and 2018 but finished in 2nd place both years. This 1st place win for the boys team is well earned. Their hard work was evident yesterday. The combined team (both boys and girls teams) also placed 2nd overall!
Results from Region are listed below:
(Top 5 scored for Individual Events and top 3 for Relays.)
200 Free:
Aditya Valluri – 2nd place
Hayden Thorpe – 4th place
200 IM:
Deja Wilson – 4th place
Bryce Wallace – 1st place (Region Champion)
Nick Spencer – 2nd place
50 Free:
Rose Beacham – scored for 4th place
Jaden Laboy – scored for 4th
100 Fly: 
Rose Beacham – 4th place, scored for 2nd place
Aditya Valluri – 3rd place, scored for 2nd
100 Free:
Jaden Laboy – scored for 3rd place
Diego Rosa-Jackson – scored for 4th place
500 Free: 
Audrey Royall – 3rd place
Bryce Wallace – 1st place (Region Champ)
200 Free Relay: 
Boys A Relay: Bryce Wallace, Aditya Valluri, Jaden Laboy, & Nick Spencer – placed 3rd and scored for 2nd
100 Back: 
Anna Pigeon – scored for 5th place
Nick Spencer – 1st place (Region Champ)
Hayden Thorpe – 5th place, scored for 4th
100 Breast: 
Liana Thaler – 4th place, scored for 3rd
Diego Rosa-Jackson – 5th place, scored for 2nd
Ronan Morse – 6th place, scored for 3rd
400 Free Relay: 
Boys A Relay: Aditya Valluri, Nick Spencer, Bryce Wallace, and Jaden Laboy – placed 2nd.
Final Scores: 
Men – Team Rankings:
1. Richland Northeast High School 71
2. South Pointe High School 69
3. Ridge View High School 39
4. York Comprehensive High School 24
Combined Team Scores: 
1. South Pointe High School 179
2. Richland Northeast High School 88
3. Ridge View High School 83
4. York Comprehensive High School 56 Scores
Women – Team Scores:
1. South Pointe High School 110
2. Ridge View High School 44
3. York Comprehensive High School 32
4. Richland Northeast High School 17