Cavaliers News · Spring Sports Season Passes Available

This year we are offering 2 spring pass options. Both options are for regular season home contests only. Both of the two passes offered will have spaces to be holed punched upon entry. We will be offering a “10 entry pass for $35” and a “15 entry pass for $50”.

This is how the “entry passes” work. One person or multiple people may enter on the same pass. For example, if a person has a “15 entry pass” (see sample pass) image, the pass holder and his/her guests may enter in on the same pass. For example, 4 people wanted to enter using a never before used 15 entry pass, our ticket seller would punch 4 holes for entry (one hole for each person) leaving 11 entries left on that pass. The next time the pass holder came by him or herself only one punch would occur leaving 10 entries left on this one pass. So on and so on until there are no more punches available and the pass is used up. In other words, every time a person enters using the pass, a hole will be punched reducing the number of available entries left on the pass.